What does the bagua tattoo mean? Learn the origin and meaning

What does the bagua tattoo mean

The yin and yang bagua tattoo is one of the beautiful tattoo designs that many young people love. Not only does it carry the highlight of “tai chi map”: black – white, the tattoo also has many special meanings that few people know. Let’s find out with Dipill.info What does the bagua tattoo mean?

Learn the origin and meaning of the bagua tattoo

What does the bagua tattoo mean
What does the bagua tattoo mean

Bagua tattoos, also known as yin and yang tattoos, tai chi tattoos originate from China. With thousands of years of civilization, the Chinese highly value the harmony of heaven and earth and feng shui. Accordingly, the image of the eight trigrams was also born with the above meaning.

So, what is the specific origin and meaning of the bagua tattoo? Let’s follow the in-depth analysis below.

Yin and yang symbols were found from 4500 BC – the end of the Yangshao culture period (central Yellow River region in China). Later, over a long period of cultural and historical development, the yin and yang symbol penetrated deeply into life with many special feng shui meanings.

The yin and yang image (eight trigrams) is used a lot in interior designs, worship ceremonies,… or spiritual products.

Later, as culture developed more and more modernly, the yin and yang image was used as an image of life art. Bagua symbols appear on everyday decorations, costumes or even tattoos. In particular, the trend of bagua tattoos is increasingly popular due to their uniqueness, attractiveness, and special spiritual meaning and color.

What does the bagua tattoo mean?

What does the bagua tattoo mean
What does the bagua tattoo mean

Yin and yang tattoos (Bagua tattoos) have special spiritual meanings as follows:

The bagua tattoo symbolizes the unity of opposites. It is the combination of the black element (yin element, femininity, darkness and the soul of all things) with the white element (masculinity, light, all life). When there is harmony between yin and yang, perfect balance will be created. That is the first meaning of the bagua tattoo.

The connection between the earth and humans is the next meaning of the yin and yang tattoo. It is believed that there is always a connection between humans and the earth, such as: yin and yang, light and darkness. Therefore, getting a yin and yang tattoo is also a way to express your special connection with the earth or this planet.

Yin and yang bagua tattoos also have meanings associated with Taoism. The spirit of fairness and harmony is expressed in the yin and yang dots. Just like a human being, there is always harmony between: good and evil.

Thus, bagua tattoos, also known as yin and yang tattoos, tai chi tattoos, carry many special spiritual meanings. Not only loved for its attractive and mysterious features, this tattoo also shows a special artistic style and is loved by many young people.

Feng shui principles in tattoos

What does the bagua tattoo mean
What does the bagua tattoo mean

The principle of feng shui is an ancient philosophical system about harmony between people and their surroundings. Delicately applied to tattoo art. From there, feng shui tattoos are created with deep meanings and the ability to attract positive energy.

The application of feng shui to tattoos includes the combination of the five elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) and feng shui symbols, to create balance and harmony.

The five elements are selected based on each person’s destiny and energy needs. Helps increase strength, luck or support health, love, and career.

For example, dragon tattoos mean power and luck for people of the Fire element. While bamboo tattoos are suitable for people of the Wood element to promote development and flexibility. The image of koi fish represents patience and success. The image of the phoenix represents rebirth and glory. The image of the eight trigrams has the meaning of protection.

In addition, each tattoo location on the body also has different feng shui meanings:

  • Shoulder position: symbolizes power and status.
  • Arm position: symbolizes strength and career.
  • Chest position: symbolizes love and courage.
  • Back position: symbolizes protection and support.
  • Leg position: symbolizes stability and movement.

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