What does Beckham’s tattoo mean?

What does Beckham's tattoo mean

What does Beckham’s tattoo mean? For David Beckham, most of the tattoos on his body have a deep meaning or a certain expectation or ambition. Let’s explore with ACCC tWhat does Beckham’s tattoo mean?!

David Beckham is not only famous for his football talent, but this man is also famous for his dressing style, beard style, and tattoos. With a lot of tattoos on his body, most of Beckham’s tattoos have their own meanings, some are proof of an important event in his life, or some are his feelings for him. for family members or pictures that simply have artistic value. Let’s join us to find out What does Beckham’s tattoo mean in the following article.

What does Beckham’s tattoo mean?

What does Beckham's tattoo mean
What does Beckham’s tattoo mean

1/ Solar system

When a man has no suitable space left on his body for a tattoo, what will he do? Exactly, they will use their heads to make “works of art”. David Beckham’s latest tattoo is a rotating solar system.

2/ Rose

To mark the birth of his daughter, Harper, Beckham did something wonderful for her by tattooing the words “Pretty Lady” and “Harper” on the left side of her neck. After some consideration, Beckham thought that two lines of text were not enough to convey his feelings to his daughter Harper, so he decided to add a tattoo of a rose branch next to the word “Pretty Lady”.

3/ Roman numerals

For some people, Roman numerals are not too unusual to talk about. However, if they are knowledgeable about Roman numerals and learn about Beckham, they will realize that most of his body is the number 7. Number 7 represents the shirt number he wore when he was playing. in the England team and Manchester United. These are two teams associated with Beckham’s glorious soccer career.

4/ The Jesus and The Three Cherubs (Jesus and the three angels)

What does Beckham's tattoo mean
What does Beckham’s tattoo mean

David Beckham is not a person who is very knowledgeable about painting and art of the Renaissance period. However, here we see that on his left chest and part of his left bicep is the tattoo “The Jesus and The Three Cherubs”. This is one of the famous Renaissance paintings painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

Beckham explained that this tattoo has the meaning of being likened to his three sons. He hopes that in the future his three sons will take care of him in his old age as well as protect his mother and sister. Speaking of his children, Beckham couldn’t help but get emotional, everyone understands how much he is an exemplary father who loves his children.

5/ The Guardian Angel

In all of Beckham’s tattoos, there is an image of a guardian angel located in the middle of his spine. The back is the brightest and most comfortable position for artists to freely create. This is also one of his first tattoos. This was followed by the appearance of a series of other tattoos including the names of his two sons, Romeo above and Cruz below. In terms of meaning, Beckham always wants his children to be safe in everything.

6/ Number 99

Like many people, many of David Beckham’s tattoos are related to important events in his life. The same goes for the number 99 on his right finger, it doesn’t have any great meaning related to fame. However, the number 99 symbolizes that in 1999, he and his wife, Vicroria, officially came to live together. Currently, this number 99 is also very suitable for his brand House 99 by David Beckham. This is a brand related to men’s hair products.

7/ Victoria

It would be a mistake if David Beckham’s tattoos did not mention his wife. Beckham is an exemplary family man, he never forgets the existence of his “other half”, and he shows that feeling in his tattoos. You can easily see the Victoria tattoo on the back of his right hand. He also previously had an artistic tattoo of the name Victoria in Sanskrit, but now he has upgraded it to an image of his wife wearing underwear, praising his wife’s hotness.

8/ Woman in the forest

What does Beckham's tattoo mean
What does Beckham’s tattoo mean

This is one of David Beckham’s tattoos located in his most prominent position, his right chest. Up to now, the media still does not really understand its exact meaning. Looking at it, we can see that it is a woman sitting and reaching out to the angel in supplication.

9/ The Swallow

Overall, all of David Beckham’s tattoos are very beautiful and do not “overlap” each other. They blend very well and connect seamlessly with each other, whether it’s a complex artistic tattoo or a scribbled tattoo. The Swallow tattoo on Beckham’s hand is reminiscent of his old school and is also one of his first tattoos. It’s not like the guardian angel tattoo on the back has a big meaning, it’s simply a subtle reminder of youthful memories.

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