What does a feather tattoo mean?

What does a feather tattoo mean

Feather tattoos are one of the popular trends among young people today. Feather tattoos not only help boys and girls express their personality but are also a way to help you stand out and be attractive. Please refer to the article below with Dipill.info to learn more about what does a feather tattoo mean!

What is a feather tattoo?

Feather tattoos are images of feathers sculpted onto the body and skin at favorite locations thanks to the skilled hands of Tattoo artists. So What does a feather tattoo mean?

Learn about feather tattoos

hat does a feather tattoo mean
hat does a feather tattoo mean

In terms of origin, feather tattoos originate from the West and North America. Most of them are places that favor and worship feathers, especially Indian tribes or Catholics. Because according to the beliefs of the tribes here, feathers represent the Holy Spirit.

Not only that, the feather symbol also carries many positive meanings and messages. Therefore, over time, they are increasingly loved by young people and chosen as impressive tattoos. Nowadays, it is not too difficult to see boys and girls with feather tattoos. Because it not only helps you become attractive but is also a way for you to express your love for tattoos as well as your style.

What does a feather tattoo mean?

What does a feather tattoo mean
What does a feather tattoo mean

Feather tattoos have many different meanings, here are some good meanings of this symbol:

1. Feather tattoos bring lightness to boys

The image of a fragile feather flying in the wind often represents lightness, purity, and flight. Therefore, for women, feather tattoos often carry the meaning of expressing the graceful and gentle beauty of girls. Especially for men, this tattoo will help him become gentler and warmer.

2. Tattoos represent freedom

Feathers are symbols associated with birds. Feathers symbolize free flight, fluttering gracefully in the wind. This is a very light object that can fly in the air and can move to any unforeseen land.

Therefore, this tattoo design is also a symbol of freedom, people’s desire to fly to explore new lands without being constrained by any scope or framework. It symbolizes the spirit of love for peace, freedom, and freedom, the desire to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and fly to new horizons.

3. Feather tattoos also have a special spiritual meaning

Besides the above meanings, the image of a feather is also a spiritual cultural symbol of some countries and ethnic groups around the world. This tattoo is often associated with gods, is what connects nature and people, and shows the desire for good values ​​in life.

Feathers are gentle, flutter in the wind, and easily fly away, which is also a symbol of the sadness of separation, the pain and torment of saying goodbye. Feathers can also be associated with people who have passed away. In many other cultures, it is believed that if a feather falls in your path, it is a sign that your acquaintance has been integrated into life. In India, people also use feathers in rituals and ceremonial activities.

The meaning of feather tattoos in many different cultures:

What does a feather tattoo mean
What does a feather tattoo mean

In each different tribe, country, land and culture, the image of feathers will symbolize many different meanings and feather tattoos are no exception. For example, the Celtic people (Europe) consider feathers as sacred objects that carry mystical power. From there, it helps heal the spirit and save the human soul. At the same time, Celtic people also believe that with feather tattoos on their bodies, they will be protected, protected and given strength and good luck by the gods. Therefore, the image of feathers is often present in many solemn rituals such as God Sacrificing Ceremony, Worshiping Ceremony to pray for a good harvest, a full and peaceful life,…

According to ancient Egyptian culture, feathers are associated with the image of the goddess, so they are considered a treasure and are only given to the strongest warriors.

For Native Americans, feathers are considered a symbol of spirituality and spirituality. Feathers are not only costumes but also become jewelry or weapons… Another special thing about feathers is that they represent the power of gods such as the god of thunder, the god of lightning, and the god of lightning. wind or air.

In ancient Christianity, the feather also symbolized virtue. The image of feathers is mentioned many times in the Bible. Psalm 91, verse 4 mentions the symbolism associated with the feather tattoo as follows: “From now on He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will take refuge.”

In ancient Hindu culture, there is also a belief that feather tattoos are also associated with compassion, bringing luck, auspiciousness and wealth. This is also one of the symbols that is highly spiritual and spiritual. The owner of this tattoo is always protected by the gods.

For Indians, the image of feathers holds extremely sacred meaning because it represents spirituality and a close connection with the deceased. The gentle feathers, fluttering in the wind, as fragile as souls, are a symbol of separation. That’s why Indians also use feathers in rituals and ceremonial activities.


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