Thai tattoos and their meanings

Thai tattoos and their meanings

Thai tattoos and their meanings are no longer strange to those in the tattoo art world. Not only do Thai people get this tattoo, but many people in Asian and European countries who believe in this belief want to get this type of tattoo. Thai lucky charm tattoos are not only an artistic drawing on the body but also help the owner avoid bad luck and risks.

That’s why you can easily see these tattoos on the bodies of Thai people. In this article, let’s learn about Thai tattoos and their meanings with!

Thai tattoos and their meanings

Thai tattoos and their meanings
Thai tattoos and their meanings

Thai lucky charm tattoos are not ordinary tattoo art but also represent a sacred belief that only experienced tattoo artists can perform.

As for this Thai lucky charm tattoo, it has a short lifespan. According to Thai belief, after only about 1 year, the magic charm in the tattoo will lose its power.

Thai tattoo charms and meanings in Thai culture are considered an integral part of all their rituals and religious activities.

Below are some typical meanings of Thai lucky charm tattoos, as follows:

  • Protection: This Thai talisman tattoo can be used to protect the wearer from negative influences from the outside world. It is believed that these tattoos can give out positive energy to protect the owner.
  • Fortune: Many people get Thai talisman tattoos in the hope of increasing their fortune. They are said to bring fortune and success in the owner’s life.
  • Religion: Thai talisman tattoos are often worn during religiously related activities and are considered part of Thai devotion to the gods.
  • Power: Many Thai leaders have tattooed Thai amulets with the hope of increasing their influence in the community.

Explore Thai tattoos and their meanings

Thai tattoos and their meanings
Thai tattoos and their meanings

Thailand is considered the land of Golden Temples, whereby Thai characters often bring feelings related to gods and religion. Thai letter tattoos and tattoo meanings are also very diverse, depending on the letters tattooed on different bodies.

Therefore, many people tattoo Thai characters and their meanings as a way of conveying secret messages that not everyone understands. These Thai amulet inscriptions can be vows or prayers or anything that has special meaning to the owner.

Origin of Thai letter tattoos and meanings

In terms of aesthetics, Thai amulet writing has a pictographic form so it has a very high artistic aesthetic value. Unlike the style of calligraphy, Thai characters tend to be simple but sophisticated. Thai tattoos can easily be tattooed anywhere on the body in any shape and size, so design creativity is unlimited.

Should I get a Thai talisman tattoo?

Thai tattoos and their meanings
Thai tattoos and their meanings

To tattoo Thai lucky charms, tattoo artists will use sharpened bamboo needles, dab ink and then pierce the skin. The ink here is not ordinary tattoo ink, but it is made from cigarette butts, ash dust and snake venom.

Thai amulet tattooing is a personal preference but can also be a person’s spiritual belief. For example, with the Thai love charm Yant Hah Taew, many people tattoo these 5 unfamiliar Khmer lines on their bodies and believe that it is a symbol to help protect their love. Sometimes, faith is an important thing in life, it helps us be motivated and live a happier life.

Therefore, choosing a Thai lucky charm tattoo will depend on each person’s personal preferences and concepts. For example, Angelina Jolie got a Thai love charm tattoo with the hope that love and marriage will always be happy and lasting. But now, these two people have ended a beautiful relationship and are divorced.

In addition, Thai tattoos for men are often combined with images with symbols representing strength such as lions, dragons, snakes, etc. This combination makes the tattoo more unique and unique. more suitable for men’s strong personalities.

Thai tattoos and their meanings

People who get this Thai tattoo also have to follow certain rules. If they break these rules or regulations, they will have to suffer many unpredictable consequences. The rules will vary depending on the tattoo artist, some of the rules are, for example, avoiding eating certain foods or avoiding eating at certain events.

Thai talisman tattoos not only bring good things, but they are also images to express one’s hope for good things. The following are examples of Thai amulet lucky tattoos, specifically:


This Thai talisman tattoo is very much related to spirituality, so the tattooist needs to learn carefully to avoid things that should not be committed. Above are things generally related to Thai talisman tattoos, Thai letter tattoos and the special meanings they bring.

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