Tattoos suitable for the 2000s: Attractive Feng Shui Mysteries

Tattoos suitable for the 2000s

A beautiful tattoo must be both artistic and have feng shui meaning, combining elements of destiny and age to help attract luck and fortune to the homeowner. So what tattoos are suitable for people born in 2000? What theme and color should I choose for a tattoo? In this article, will share with you tattoos suitable for the 2000s.

What fate does the year 2000 belong to?

Tattoos suitable for the 2000s
Tattoos suitable for the 2000s

People born in 2000 according to Canh Thin belong to the Metal element of the five elements. According to the feng shui perspective on tattoos, people born in this year often have the characteristics of being courteous, peaceful and close to people around them.

However, according to traditional beliefs, Canh is often understood as Co, so people born in the year of Canh Thin may face many challenges and turbulence in life. Especially for women born in 2000, they may also encounter difficulties and obstacles in love and marriage.

Regarding age and personality, what tattoo should people born in 2000 get?

People born in 2000, especially those born in the year of Canh Thin, often have the stubborn personality of youth and the resoluteness of adulthood. They are always willing to help people around them without any calculation. High independence is their characteristic personality and they do not like having to ask anyone for help.

The personality of people born in the year 2000 of Canh Thin is often very intelligent and clever from birth, with the ability to react quickly and observe delicately. They are positive and don’t stay sad for too long. They have a cheerful and lively personality and do not like showiness or showiness. They do not accept failure and are willing to overcome all difficulties.

With his united and intelligent personality, suitable tattoos for men born in the 2000s include dragons, pigs, snakes, pyramids, Egyptian queens, monkeys, eagles, swans, and monkeys. elephants, artistic letters, crosses, landscapes, anchors, swords, with a combination of colors such as white, gray, silver, gray and dark yellow, earthy brown.

The strong personality and individuality of Canh Thin 2000 women can also be expressed through choosing tattoos with themes such as the queen, snake, anchor, eagle, elephant and other symbols.

Because the year of the Dragon is incompatible with the years of the Goat, the Dog and the Ox, you should not choose tattoos related to the year of the Goat or tattoos of the buffalo or dog.

Tattoo color alloy 2000

Tattoos suitable for the 2000s
Tattoos suitable for the 2000s

When deciding to choose a tattoo to print on the body, it is an art, a memory that each of us wants to engrave on our body. The compatible colors of the year Canh Thin are yellow and white, so you can choose a tattoo that is bright yellow or white.

Because yellow is the color of the Earth element and Earth produces Metal, it is very suitable for people born in the year of the Dragon. White is the color that symbolizes one’s destiny, and is also very good for people born in the year of the Dragon.

The incompatible colors of the year Canh Thin, that is, Fire overcomes Metal and are not good for people born in the year of Canh Thin. Therefore, when choosing clothes, you should avoid colors belonging to the Fire age such as red, orange, and pink.

Suggestions for popular Tattoos suitable for the 2000s

  • Dragon: considered a symbol of strength, luck and protection.
  • Pyramid: represents increased wealth and success in work and life.
  • Egyptian Queen: is a symbol of power and strength, bringing protection to the owner.
  • Elephant: brings peace and prosperity to the owner, as well as enhances positive energy in their living space.
  • Eagle: considered a symbol of freedom, power and fighting spirit. This is also an ideal choice for tattoos suitable for men aged 2000 that you should refer to.
  • Swan: brings peace and tranquility to the owner, as well as enhances love and purity in their relationship.

Note when choosing a feng shui Tattoos suitable for the 2000s

Tattoos suitable for the 2000s
Tattoos suitable for the 2000s

You should choose a reputable address

To have artistic tattoos and good feng shui, people born in 2000 should look for reputable addresses. Skilled tattoo artists and quality ink help create beautiful tattoos without worrying about fading, losing color, or having to be tattooed many times.

Choose a tattoo size that is appropriate for your age

In places such as the back, shoulders, biceps and calves, you can comfortably choose large-sized tattoos. However, places such as fingers, wrists, and behind the ears are only suitable for small tattoos. In addition, people born in the year of the Dragon also need to consider the nature of their work to choose the appropriate tattoo size to avoid affecting their daily work.

Choose an age-appropriate tattoo location

Each tattoo has its own meaning, and placing them in the right place on the body can create positive feng shui effects. In addition, choosing a less painful tattoo location also helps people born in the year of the Dragon 2000 have a more comfortable mentality.


Above, we have provided the most detailed and accurate answer about what tattoos are suitable for people born in 2000. There are many ways to activate feng shui, in which tattooing can bring fortune, luck and convenience to the owner.

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