The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world

The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world

Tattoos today are not only a unique “beauty” trend but also a way for each individual to assert themselves. However, in the underground world, the meaning of tattoos takes on a completely different dimension. It is not only a way to beautify but also a symbol of the status and role of “brothers and sisters” in the world. This article by will delve deeper into The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world.

Those who bear the “dragon mark”

The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world
The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world

Since ancient times, the image of the dragon has been considered a symbol of the ultimate power of the king, representing extraordinary strength and unmatched majesty. Therefore, dragon tattoos are often owned by leaders and leaders with the highest status in the underworld in many different designs and shades, expressing each person’s unique personality and style.

The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world

The image of a monstrous dragon with sharp teeth and sturdy claws roaring with boundless power, symbolizing extreme cruelty and ultimate power. Covering the dragon tattoo is the color black symbolizing darkness, crime and strength built from fear of the weak.

However, the flying dragon tattoo has a completely different meaning. It demonstrates majestic power, has a noble imperial demeanor and heroic spirit, making those below both respect and fear. In particular, when adorned with vibrant colors such as blue (sky), red (heroic aura), yellow (earth),… dragon tattoos become more prominent and powerful than ever. like lighting up a ray of hope and belief in victory in the midst of darkness and ignorance.

Eagle tattoo

The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world
The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world

Similar to the dragon tattoo, the eagle tattoo also represents the strength and power of the leader who holds the destiny of others. With large, strong wings, eagles can spread their wings and fly at extraordinary speeds, like lightning tearing across the sky. Sharp claws and a powerful curved beak help it easily take down its prey in the blink of an eye.

Because of these characteristics, the eagle tattoo has become a favored symbol by “big brothers” – leaders in the underworld. The eagle tattoo on their body is an affirmation of their ultimate position and power, making anyone who sees them admire them and bow their heads in awe.

In addition, the eagle tattoo also shows the origin of the owner. According to “Gypsy law”, Southern Gypsies often have eagle tattoos with a bird’s head looking sideways, while Northern Gypsies prefer eagle tattoos looking straight ahead. Eagle tattoos of Northern Gypsies often have a wider wingspan, eyes staring straight ahead, exuding a fierce, reckless, cold-blooded but also straightforward temperament.

Tiger tattoo

The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world
The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world

If dragon and eagle tattoos represent supreme position and power, tiger tattoos are symbols of strength, courage and loyalty to the owner. Tiger tattoos represent the warrior class and effective companions of leaders.

Although the tiger is the king of the deep forest, it is just a wild creature, strong but heartless. People who choose tiger tattoos are often strong, fearless warriors, willing to sacrifice for the benefit of their leaders. That is their destiny, to be warriors serving others.

Tattoo of the word “Ring”

In the gangster world, the highest class belongs to those who wear the word “Ren” tattoo. They are talented individuals, cunning and profound to the point of being unpredictable. The principle of “small is not patient, chaos is great” is a manifestation of wisdom, small actions are carried out without giving up the larger goal and willing to retreat to go further. People with the word “Ren” tattooed on their shoulders are always respected and feared by the whole world.

According to stories from the Vietnamese tattoo world, before the liberation period, only 4 people dared and were allowed to wear the word “Ren” tattoo on their shoulders. After that, two people passed away, one person left to go abroad and the other person in Vietnam had his “Ring” tattoo removed, leaving only a large scar on his shoulder. Nowadays, when evaluating status, talent, depth and influence, there is only one person in the gangster world who deserves to wear the tattoo of the word “Ren” and that is Nam Cam.

Dinosaur and octopus tattoos

These two species are considered symbols of attack, violence and the strongest strength in the gangster world. Although one species uses physical strength to defeat its opponents, another species prefers the method of capturing and swallowing its target, with no other purpose than hunting. However, people with this tattoo are often considered people who cannot be saved if they are attacked and captured.

In the world of wanderers, dinosaurs and octopuses do not care about which type eats meat and which type eats grass, they just glorify their brutality, strength and bravery. Although they lack the ability to see far, they compensate with good hearing and sense of touch. People with this tattoo often have sharp intuition, the ability to judge situations well and the ability to detect instability in stable situations, especially in the case of the tyrannosaur.


The above article is a summary of the The meaning of tattoos in the gangster world. Gypsy tattoos are a unique cultural feature, containing many interesting and mysterious things. However, you need to look at it objectively, don’t judge people just by the tattoos on their bodies and don’t forget to follow us for more interesting information about tattoos.

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