What do dot tattoos mean?

What do dot tattoos mean

Dot tattoo designs have many meanings and have become quite popular over the years. What do dot tattoos mean that it has become so popular? The semicolon also symbolizes optimism, hope and ideals for those who are losing the will to live. What do dot tattoos mean with dipill.info ? and the meaning of the semicolon tattoo in the article below.

What does the dot tattoo mean?

What do dot tattoos mean
What do dot tattoos mean

What do dot tattoos mean does not depend on the location of the tattoo, but also depends on the context and personal meaning of the person. A point located in the center of a circle can also have many different meanings. It all depends on the color, size, and even the distance of the border to the center of that circle. Here are some different meanings:

Number one

  • The large dot on the chest can depict finding a lover or achieving a life goal.
  • A small sized circle with a white point can represent the moon and its inherent power
  • A large circle can have the meaning of the sun, femininity, masculinity, determination
  • The point in the circle may be a symbol of the embryo and the circle may represent the female principle that nurtures it during development
  • Could be a symbol of marital union or some association.
  • In another social class, a dot in a circle might mean a person belonging to an inaccessible class.

Number 3

In addition to representing the Trinity in Latin America, the three dots in Latin also symbolize the underworld and passionate life. In a spiritual sense, a dotted triangle can represent an attack or a person’s resistance to the evil eye. Dots do not have to be arranged in triangles, but in a series they can represent waiting, incompleteness or the inability to achieve life goals. Three dots on a woman’s body can represent the number of goals or the number of children.

Number 4

If the number four is the 4 vertices of a rectangle, square or rhombus then it is an unlucky sign, indicating secrecy or seclusion.

Number 5

The dots on the arm are represented as a dice (four in the corner and one in the middle), which is an international tattoo and symbolizes solitude, a person standing alone within 4 walls. However, in Vietnam it means the presence of loyal friends.

What is the meaning of the semicolon tattoo?

What do dot tattoos mean
What do dot tattoos mean

In linguistics, a semicolon acts as a boundary, dividing two parallel sentence parts in a compound sentence. We often encounter it every day in articles, paragraphs and texts. Although to us the semicolon may be just a simple element, to millions of people the meaning of the semicolon tattoo is enormous. The semicolon is considered a symbol of salvation, helping people return to life when they are lost or lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

Why are semicolon tattoos popular?

The semicolon tattoo represents the nonprofit organization Semicolon Project, which is focused and committed to raising awareness about depression, drug addiction, suicide, and self-injury.

This project was founded in 2013 by Amy Bleuel, with the desire to create a platform to support people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or self-harm.

What do dot tattoos mean?

What do dot tattoos mean
What do dot tattoos mean

The “Semicolon” ​​Project is a social media movement encouraging people to get semicolon tattoos as a symbol of solidarity and personal fight against depression and suicidal thoughts. These tattoos show that each person is not alone in their journey. In particular, many people share their tattoos online and spread awareness about the Project to help others overcome difficulties and challenges.


A fact that may surprise you is that around the world, about 5 out of every 10 people have semicolon tattoos, including the US and some other developed countries. Hopefully we will help you answer What do dot tattoos mean, while also bringing sharing and sympathy with others.

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