Types of skull tattoo meaning and what you should know

Skull tattoo meaning

Tattooing skulls on the body is no longer strange to people today, especially those who are passionate about tattoo art. So do you understand the skull tattoo meaning? Below is what the Dipill.info shares about the skull tattoo meaning.

What is a skull?

Warrior tattoo meaning

Skull is an allegorical name for the human skull. Ancient people often associated human skulls with death or ghosts. For some ancient communities, artifacts such as quartz glass skulls or glass stones of some civilizations represent “life”, they are the presence of humans in flesh and blood. .

Where do skulls come from?

Stay in Mexico:

  • Skull tattoos are mentioned in a festival “Day of the Dead”, held every year on the 1st and 2nd of November.
  • “All Saints Day” is November 1, a day for newborns and children who have passed away.
  • November 2, “All Souls’ Day” is dedicated to those who have passed away in adulthood.
  • During these two days, everyone puts on their faces meticulously hand-made and decorated masks called Calacas, and among them are sugar skulls.
  • Since then, most people know that skulls symbolize death. So why do people love this tattoo so much?

Skull tattoo skull tattoo meaning

Warrior tattoo meaning

Negative connotation

  • People use the image of a skull as a skull with two bones crossed together to attach it to cemeteries or on pirate flags.
  • This is the symbolic meaning of the terrifying pain and death that goes along with the unpredictable danger.
  • Skulls are also mentioned with the image of death, disappearance from the world.
  • Not simply that, the skull symbolizes the power of darkness.

Positive skull tattoo meaning

  • Not only does it carry the skull tattoo meaning of death and scary darkness, but the skull also carries the meaning of strength and supreme power.
  • The skull represents a resilient and indomitable will, despite all obstacles, difficulties, and dangers to overcome, even death, towards a noble goal.
  • Don’t rush to conclusions when you see its image.

Skull tattoo meaning on the body:

Skull tattoo meaning
Skull tattoo meaning
  • The image of a skull appears not only as a symbol of political culture but also in the field of tattoo art.
  • The skull and crossbones tattoo is not only interesting but also has a profound skull tattoo meaning as a reminder to you that the line between life and death is very fragile and no one can avoid it.
  • Reminds us that if we wake up every morning, we should cherish every second and every minute because we have lived another day in this world.
  • Not only that, skull tattoos are the intersection between light and darkness, life and death, between the yin and yang of life.
  • The skull tattoo meaning is also associated with rebirth.
  • Skull tattoos on the body also represent victory and rebellion
  • That’s why skull tattoos have become very popular among those who love tattoos full of personality, dynamism, and mischief.

Types of skull tattoos and their meanings:

Feminine skull tattoo

  • Most skull tattoos are very masculine, but for tattoos for women, the skull image must be adjusted to be more feminine and softer.
  • Skull tattoos for women are often added with a little pink and purple, attached with bows or hearts.
  • This is a type of tattoo for couples.

Skull and rose tattoo

  • Roses symbolize love between couples and youthful happiness.
  • Besides, roses also symbolize hope and beautiful life. The skull symbolizes death
  • The meaning of the rose skull tattoo represents the opposition, the struggle between good – evil, bad – good, death – life, beauty – ugliness, yin – yang.

Skull tattoo combined with snake

  • Snakes are the representation of health, blessings, and fertility.
  • Snake tattoos also have a meaning of rebirth and immortality
  • The snake is the embodiment of the god Naga – the god who always brings good rain and wind and a peaceful life to the people
  • The meaning of combining skulls and snakes together has a truly mysterious, magical, and seductive meaning.
  • Skull tattoos combined with snakes also express the inner strength, charm, and unconventionality of the person being tattooed.


This skull tattoo is very suitable for any location on your body such as: thighs, biceps, chest, arms,… These locations are easy to catch the viewer’s eye, attracting everyone’s attention. .

At this point, we believes that the skull tattoo meaning will help you understand more and choose the right skull tattoo style for you. Please contact us when you need it. we will not disappoint you.

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