Wood destiny tattoo for men and women

Wood destiny tattoo

Tattoos are not only a form of art drawn on the body but also a feng shui symbol that brings luck, fortune and health to the owner. For people of the Wood element, choosing a tattoo that matches their destiny is very important because it can affect them. In the article below, dipill.info will help you learn how to choose a Wood destiny tattoo.

Wood elements are always full of energy, confident in themselves and have many ambitions. They are not afraid of challenges and always strive to achieve their goals. These people value affection very much, always care for and help people around them. They easily create sympathy and are trusted by everyone.

However, people with the Wood element tend to get angry quickly, sometimes unable to control their emotions. This can lead to thoughtless actions and affect relationships.

How to choose a tattoo that suits the Wood element to attract fortune and luck?

Wood destiny tattoo
Wood destiny tattoo

According to folk beliefs,Wood destiny tattoo have the ability to bring fortune, luck and health to the owner. Therefore, many people choose to get this tattoo to improve their destiny. However, to achieve the best results, you need to keep in mind the following things before getting tattooed:

The color of the tattoo matches the wood element

According to the Five Elements, people with the Wood element will be compatible with the Water and Wood elements. Therefore, the colors for tattoos of people of the Wood element are usually green, blue and black. Green often brings a feeling of vitality and vitality. Meanwhile, blue often represents intelligence and confidence, which is very suitable for people of the Wood element.

Wood destiny tattoo should be not tattooed

Based on the law of compatibility, people of the Wood element should avoid choosing tattoos of the Earth and Metal elements. Earth element tattoos often use yellow, orange and brown colors, often accompanied by symbols such as sunflowers, lotus flowers, red roses, etc.

Silver-white tattoos often belong to the Metal element. Therefore, if you want to choose a Wood destiny tattoo person, you should avoid these colors. In addition, tattoos with images of swords, swans, anchors, etc. are also not suitable for people of the Wood element.

Wood destiny tattoo for men and women

Wood destiny tattoo
Wood destiny tattoo

We suggests the following Wood destiny tattoo that are considered to bring good luck and fortune to people with the Wood element:


Trees are often considered symbols representing people of the Wood element. Tattooing images of trees on your body can bring you luck and positive energy.

If you are not interested in conventional images of trees, you can refer to tree tattoo designs combined with modern tattoo styles. These tattoo designs are not limited in position and allow you to freely choose.

Grass, flowers and leaves

In addition to images of trees, grass, and flowers, plants are also quite suitable for people of the Wood element. The energy from these tattoos is often very suitable for people of the Wood element, bringing a feeling of lightness but also full of vitality.

You can choose to tattoo some images such as roses, lilies or even tree branches and grass. Most importantly, the tattoo must be an image you love or have special meaning to you. This can be a commemorative symbol that has important value in your life. Tattoos can be a way to express a part of yourself, so be confident and show off your personality.


Wood destiny tattoo
Wood destiny tattoo

For tattoo lovers, carp tattoos in the ancient Japanese tattoo style are no longer strange. In this style, carp tattoos are often chosen by people of the Wood element. According to the five elements principle, carp is a symbol of the Water element, very suitable for people of the Wood element.

You can choose the size of the Wood element tattoo to suit your preferences. With carp tattoos, locations such as the shoulder, back or chest are often popular. If you are looking for a wood element tattoo for men, a carp tattoo can highlight your strength and personality.

Sea creatures

If you want water-related tattoos but don’t like the ancient Japanese style, you can still choose small tattoos of other sea creatures.

Using new tattoo ink colors other than black is also a great idea to create a special highlight for your tattoo. The trend of using colors in tattooing is becoming more and more popular among young people, so don’t hesitate to try it now.

Mini tattoo suitable for wood element

Regardless of the theme, cute mini tattoos always attract fans of tattoo art. Mini tattoo designs suitable for the Wood element are no exception. There are many tattoo styles suitable for mini-style tattoos such as tree branches, leaves, water drops, flowers, snowflakes, etc. Besides, the skill and sophistication of the tattoo artist will create the designs. Mini Wood element tattoos become beautiful and attractive.


Wood element tattoos not only help you express your personality but also convey each person’s beliefs and desires. Hopefully our article will help you choose the tattoo that suits your destiny. Choosing a Wood element tattoo will somehow bring you luck, fortune and success in your life.

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