Taboo tattoos: What tattoos should you not get?

Taboo tattoos

Tattoos are not only based on aesthetic preferences but also need to consider cultural factors, beliefs and feng shui. Feng shui tattoos can help bring luck and money. However, taboo tattoos can help you ward off bad luck and misfortune. In the article below, will review the taboo tattoos that you should avoid to make the wisest choice for yourself.

What tattoos should you not get?

taboo tattoos
taboo tattoos

Tattoos are a great way to express your personality and beliefs. However, not all tattoos bring you luck and happiness. Here are some types of tattoos you should stay away from to avoid bad luck:

Do not choose blasphemous tattoos

Images of dragons, Buddhas or gods are worshiped in many cultures and religions. Tattooing these images on the body without understanding and respect can be considered blasphemy, leading to negative spiritual consequences. Not everyone has a “great destiny” or enough bravery to “weigh” these spiritual tattoos. According to folk beliefs, these tattoos carry strong energy, only suitable for people with enough mental strength to harmonize and control.

Do not choose offensive tattoos

Tattoos are a great way to express your personality and beliefs. However, choosing a tattoo needs to be carefully considered. Especially in modern society, where prejudices and concepts about tattoos still exist. Tattoos that should not be tattooed may have obscene, violent or offensive connotations in different cultures. Owning these tattoos can be offensive to the viewer, affecting your image and sympathy in the eyes of others.

In some workplace environments, tattoos can be considered unprofessional, affecting your chances of advancement or even your ability to get hired. Some people may feel shy or uncomfortable when interacting with people with tattoos, especially tattoos that are large in size or in easily visible locations.

Taboo tattoos

taboo tattoos
taboo tattoos

Buddha image

For many people, Buddha is a supreme being who is revered and respected. Therefore, they wish to be protected and protected by Buddha. This is shown not only through the use of decorative mascots such as statues, pictures, and jewelry, but also by tattooing Buddha images on the back, hands, or other parts of the body. The purpose is to always be safe, protected and have luck and prosperity.

However, this is an incorrect concept. Buddha, Lord or Bodhisattva are gods worshiped in large temples or synagogues. Their images should not be used in inappropriate situations such as tattooing on bodies that are frequently exposed to dirt and sweat. If Buddha is present, this can be considered disrespectful and rude.

Many tourists get this tattoo when going to Buddhist countries, especially Thailand – a place where Buddhism is highly respected. Therefore, both domestic people and international tourists consider this tattoo to be taboo and there have been cases where they had to face the police when violating this regulation.

Yakuza picture

taboo tattoos
taboo tattoos

Yakuza is not only the most famous gang in Japan, but is also considered the largest criminal organization in the world according to Wikipedia. Commonly known as Gokudo, Yakuza is a colloquial term for the mafia or traditional criminal organization in Japan. The main identifying characteristic of Yakuza is the tattoos on the body. People who want to join must participate in a ritual called “blood oath”. After that, they will have their glasses tattooed with images such as dragons, phoenixes, and mountains to show their loyalty to the gang.

Each artistic tattoo has its own symbolic meaning. For example, Yakuza tattoos often symbolize courage in enduring pain, loyalty, and the desire for prosperity. Traditional Japanese tattoos often have high prices, and also help them demonstrate strength and prestige in the community. However, Japanese society often discriminates against tattoos, so although there are no regulations prohibiting tattoos, revealing tattoos when applying for a job can cause candidates to have difficulty and possibly be rejected.

“Van” shape

In the East, when asked about the symbol “Swastika”, the answer is often that it is a symbol of Buddhism. Most Asians associate this symbol with religion and consider it a representative expression of faith. However, in the West, the word “swastika” evokes a dark and brutal history.

Adolf Hitler – the world’s most cruel, cold-blooded leader, causing the deaths of millions of people. The “Swastika” is recognized as a symbol of Nazi Germany and is considered a symbol of Fascism. It was used to create popularity for the Nazi movement. Nowadays, in Germany, tattoos do not cause major problems, but revealing Nazi-related tattoos can cause serious trouble.

Clover shape

Does anyone like the four-leaf clover image? The four-leaf clover is often considered a symbol of love, luck, faith and hope. However, if you accidentally get a three-leaf clover tattoo, be careful because it is the symbol of a criminal gang in Ireland. Each member of the gang has this tattoo to identify each other. Therefore, the clover tattoo is also one of the taboo tattoos.


Choosing a tattoo requires you to research carefully and avoid taboo tattoos. Avoid getting taboo tattoos that will not bring bad luck to your life. Learn carefully about the meaning of each tattoo and choose the tattoo that suits you.

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