Data Governance Solutions – Overview And Best 3 Options

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Data governance solutions – Numerous firms are quick to realize that they have too much — maybe far too much — of a good thing as they continue to generate and gather mountains of data. Finding all of the data in their systems, deciding which people should have access to what data, ensuring correct data usage, and figuring out how to get actual business value from those data assets are all very difficult tasks. Because of this, having a solid data governance program is essential. In this article, with, let’s find out some useful information about data governance solutions!

Data governance solutions – Overview And some best options

Data governance solutions - Overview And some best options
Data governance solutions – Overview And some best options

Data governance is the process of establishing internal data standards and enforcing rules that limit who has access to data and how it is utilized for analytical applications and business operations. Both master data management (MDM) and data quality improvement activities are frequently included. A effective data governance program makes ensuring that data is reliable, consistent, and accessible as well as that its usage conforms with all applicable laws and rules.

Organizations may automate a variety of governance program management tasks with the use of data governance solutions. Software of this type offers features that facilitate the establishment of data governance policies, workflow management, cooperation, process documentation, data mapping and categorization, and data cataloging and business glossaries. Tools for data quality, MDM, and metadata management can all be used in conjunction with data governance software.

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1. Alation Data Governance App – Data governance solutions

Alation was established in 2012 and initially offered a data catalog platform in order to assist enterprises in cataloging and enabling access to their data. A supplementary data governance solution was released in September 2021, however the company’s main product, Alation Data Catalog, is still available. The Alation Data Governance application is designed to make it simpler to provide secure access to reliable data to users of IT systems, particularly those in multi-cloud and cloud computing hybrid environments.

To establish governance policies and see how they are mapped to particular data assets, utilize the Policy Center feature of the Alation Data Governance App. The governance tool also has a workbench for data stewardship that automates data curation tasks and utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to find potential data stewards based on how they use data.

The following functionalities are also included in the data governance tool:

  • Support for coding-free creation and configuration of data governance procedures;
  • A dashboard that program directors may use to monitor the development of their data governance initiatives; and
  • A related data governance service that Alation’s professional services division is offering.

2. Ataccama One – Data governance solutions

Ataccama One - Data governance solutions
Ataccama One – Data governance solutions

Ataccama One, as its name suggests, strives to be a centralized location for all of an organization’s data governance and management requirements by integrating data quality, MDM, and other services into a single platform. The AI-driven software is intended for usage by data professionals, including data management teams, data stewards, data scientists and other data analysts, and data engineers. It may be used in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid settings.

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Using a data catalog, data integration tools, reference data management features, and a data narrative module, Ataccama One enables enterprises to merge their MDM and data quality initiatives. With features such as a complete audit history and role-based security, the solution was created for enterprise-wide deployments and usage in highly regulated sectors.

The following characteristics are also present:

  • Assistance with data regulation across a range of big data platforms and data lake scenarios;
  • Using automation and embedded intelligence, “self-driving data management and governance”; and
  • Platform-as-a-Service deployment is an alternative, with Ataccama, the provider, handling infrastructure, administration, and security.

3. Apache Atlas – Data governance solutions

Apache Atlas - Data governance solutions
Apache Atlas – Data governance solutions

For businesses with data-intensive platforms, Apache Atlas is an open source application that offers a fundamental set of metadata management and data governance features. Although it is primarily intended for usage in Hadoop clusters, it may also share information with programs and tools outside the Hadoop environment to facilitate system integration for analytics applications.

Hortonworks, a developer of big data platforms that was acquired by rival Cloudera in 2019, with help from a number of user groups, produced Atlas. The software was given to the Apache Software Foundation in 2015 for ongoing development. Atlas is a tool that businesses may use to categorize, organize, and manage their data assets as well as give data scientists, additional analysts, and their data oversight team collaborative tools.

The following characteristics are also provided by Atlas:

  • A versatile type system for maintaining and designing the metadata object model;
  • Automatic assistance with data asset cataloguing and data lineage information; and
  • Access control and data masking interaction with the Apache Ranger data security framework.
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A moral way to manage data is through data governance, which starts with data gathering and ends with data disposal. Every organization needs data governance. As businesses continue their digital transformation journeys, data has quickly become the most valuable asset for all industries. Finding effective solutions for data governance is essential.

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