Data Recovery Specialists: Your Trusted Data Rescuers

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The Gillware family employs some of the data recovery specialists experts in the business, including people with tens of thousands of hours of expertise working with practically every consumer storage device ever created. Our data recovery specialists have together completed tens of thousands of data recovery cases, amassing vast expertise on all data recovery scenarios for all major hardware manufacturers (and most of the less well-known ones, too).

Our ability to recover data recovery specialists from some of the most complicated scenarios imaginable while adhering to strict security best practices is what keeps our clients coming back to us. We take great satisfaction in the relationships we have developed over the years and the recurring business we receive. will provide some information for you in this post.

The Gillware Story

Data recovery specialists
Data recovery specialists

Tyler and Brian Gill, brothers, founded Gillware in 2004. The business was established as a result of Tyler Gill’s college-age hard disk failure, which left him stranded without his important data. The local hard drive data recovery specialistscompany gave absurd prices for the repair (about $3000), which goes without saying that very few college freshmen can afford.

Gillware Data Recovery has swiftly expanded while maintaining its fundamental beliefs of fair pricing and only collecting payment if the data recovery specialists is successful. The Gill brothers started Gillware on the tenet that hard disk data recovery should not be unreasonably expensive for everyone.

The brothers conducted research and created data recovery specialists techniques and tools for hard disk drives, RAID servers, and other data storage devices. They have backgrounds in computer science, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering.

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In addition to its consistently in-demand safe data recovery specialists, Gillware has grown into a top-tier data recovery business that now provides digital forensics, incident response, and e-discovery services. We have more than a dozen full-time data recovery specialists who have undergone security screening, as well as cutting-edge equipment and technology that is unmatched by any other data recovery lab.

Hard Drive Recovery/Repair and Data Recovery Services

Data recovery specialists
Data recovery specialists

Whether the data recovery service is needed for a single USB flash drive, a server with a 36-disk HDD corrupt RAID job, or even small business CCTV Security Systems that have failed, we have data recovery specialists for every type of data storage device within our ranks. Any problem involving data loss can be helped by our professionals.

No matter what data recovery solutions are needed, our data recovery company has seen it all. Our cleanroom engineers specialize in recovering data, doing hard drive recoveries, and repairing any malfunctioning media. If you’ve dropped your hard drive or solid-state drive and they’re now clicking or beeping, contact us immediately. Our ISO-5 Class 100 cleanroom workstations, each equipped with a cutting-edge air filtration system for enhanced security, are where we restore recovered data.

As part of our professional data recovery toolkit, Gillware uses expert, cutting-edge proprietary hardware and software tools. We employ a strong, perceptive forensic imaging and analysis platform of our own design to support our data recovery engineers in our accredited data recovery lab.

We also use hard drive recovery techniques to recover data from failing hard drives with a high success rate, even when their platters are scarred and covered with dust or debris. One such equipment is our specifically created hard disk platter burnishing technology.

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Our data recovery specialists spare parts library, a special section of the data recovery lab that contains spares from a significant number of global manufacturers, provides our data engineers with access to a wide selection of spare part components as needed.

Our logical data recovery specialists can examine your device and restore your lost data even if you accidently deleted your information or formatted your hard disk. If your company’s server crashes, our server data recovery specialists can quickly get your operation back up and running. All files that were recovered will be transferred to fresh media, often an encrypted external hard drive that is prepared for return shipping by our customer support team.

RAID Server Data Recovery, Specialized Recovery, Enterprise Recovery

Data recovery specialists
Data recovery specialists

Our enterprise clients and I get along quite well, and we recognize their need for 24/7 access to vital business data. All of our clients have access to the server and virtual machine RAID data recovery experts thanks to our top-notch RAID recovery services, which are supported by a third-party assurance audit.

Whether you are a single user or a large organization, get in touch with us and our professionals will do all in their power to help you get your data back and provide you with the finest customer support possible. The number of hypervisor-related problems, destroyed and missing logical storage units on SAN/NAS devices, deleted iSCSI target files, and corrupted VMDK and VHDX virtual machine data files has increased, according to Gillware Data Recovery.

Your entire company may come to a standstill if you can’t access your email server or SQL database server. Fortunately for you, our professionals can recover your database from a crashed server or fix it if data corruption prevents you from accessing it.

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Our data recovery specialists have developed cutting-edge techniques for recovering data from crashed virtual computers. Virtual computers are very helpful to IT departments, but they are not any less susceptible to data loss than actual devices. Our engineers can retrieve your lost data and put it back in your hands if the server hosting your virtual machines fails, or if a virtual machine becomes corrupted or has data erased from it.

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