Advanced data science with IBM: How the Specialization Works

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Every day, the world becomes increasingly data-driven. Data-driven plans are more likely to be adopted by organizations than not, increasing their chances of success. However, it is difficult to draw conclusions from statistics, let alone use them for strategic company planning. Introducing the new discipline of data science. The importance of advanced data science with IBM in this article.

About advanced data science with IBM Specialization

You will possess a thorough understanding of advanced machine learning and deep learning as well as massively parallel data processing as a Coursera-certified specialized finisher. The mathematical underpinnings of all machine learning and deep learning algorithms will be clear to you.

About advanced data science with IBM Specialization
About advanced data science with IBM Specialization

You may put your knowledge to use in real-world situations, defend architectural choices, and comprehend the features of various algorithms, frameworks, and technologies and how they affect model performance and scalability. You will receive an IBM digital badge in addition to the Coursera specialization certificate if you decide to study this specialization.

How advanced data science with IBM Works

Attend classes

A Coursera Specialization is a collection of classes that aid in skill mastery. Start by enrolling immediately in the Specialization, or browse through its courses and select the one you want to take first. You instantly become a subscriber to the entire Specialization when you enroll in a course that is a component of it. It’s acceptable to finish just one course because you can always halt your studies or cancel your subscription. To keep tabs on your enrollments in courses and advancement, visit your learner dashboard.

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Practical Project

Each Specialization comes with a practical project. The project(s) must be completed successfully in order for you to complete the Specialization and receive your certificate. You must complete all of the other courses before beginning the hands-on project course if one is included in the Specialization.

Achieve a Certificate

You will receive a Certificate once you have finished all of the courses and the practical project, which you can show to potential employers and people in your professional network.

How Difficult is the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate?

It’s not difficult to obtain the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. It’s an entry-level certification designed for those with no prior training in data science or analysis. The certificate begins by defining data science and describing how it functions before introducing you to various ideas and tools. Small, easily absorbed lectures and useful exercises make the lessons simple to understand.

About advanced data science with IBM Specialization
About advanced data science with IBM Specialization

This makes sure that students can navigate the content without difficulty because some of the courses that address intermediate and advanced topics can only be completed after completing the foundational courses.

The time commitment required to finish all courses and tests is what makes earning this degree difficult. It can take six to eleven months (with eight hours of study per week) (4 hours per week). Given that the learning is self-paced and there are no strict deadlines, that is a long time to maintain attention and a schedule.

Is it worthwhile to earn the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate?

There is no doubt that the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is worthwhile. It is a professional certification given by IBM, a reputable name in analytics and data science. A data scientist is required to complete tasks in the real world, hence all courses and lessons are created and presented by IBM employees and are very practical.

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Depending on how many months it takes you to finish the 10 courses and exams, you can become certified for less than $300, which is a reasonable price considering the value you receive and the skills you can develop.

Jobs in the data science field are in high demand right now, and they pay more than $70,000 annually (in the US). As more businesses look for qualified data analysts to assist them with obtaining and analyzing data, this trend is anticipated to continue over the next years.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be able to access the lectures and homework?

Depending on your enrollment status, you may have access to lectures and assignments. You can view the majority of the course materials for free if you enroll in an audit mode course. You must purchase the Certificate experience either during or after your audit in order to gain access to graded assignments and to receive a Certificate. If the audit option is not present:

Auditing the course might not be a possibility. Instead, you can apply for financial aid or take a free trial. The course can alternatively provide “Full Course, No Certificate.” You can access all course materials through this option, turn in needed assignments, and earn your final mark. Additionally, this implies that you won’t be able to buy a Certificate experience.

About advanced data science with IBM Specialization
About advanced data science with IBM Specialization

What do I receive if I enroll in this Specialization?

When you sign up for the course, you have access to all of the courses in the Specialization, and when you finish the work, you receive a certificate. You can print your electronic Certificate from your Accomplishments page or upload it to your LinkedIn profile. Your electronic Certificate will be posted to your Accomplishments page. You can audit the course for free if all you want to do is read and watch the lectures.

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Is financial assistance offered?

Yes. If you can’t pay the enrollment fee for some learning programs, you can apply for financial help or a scholarship. You can apply for financial aid or a scholarship for your chosen learning program by clicking the link on the description page.


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