Data Security Platform – 8 Best Benefits And 3 Options You Can Refer

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The majority of data security platforms will have both on-premises and cloud-based data location and protection capability. Data discovery and categorization, privileges/permissions analytics, user/entity activity analytics, compliance reporting, and environment modification audits are the most used features of data security platforms. In this article, with, let’s find out some useful information about data security platform!

Data Security Platform – Benefits

Data Security Platform - Benefits 
Data Security Platform – Benefits

When you compare the advantages of having a consolidated solution versus several siloed technologies, some of the largest advantages of installing a data security platform become apparent. These advantages can be divided into:

  • Due to the fact that you will only need to utilize one solution to obtain all the information you want, managing your data security will become simpler.
  • It will be simpler to teach your IT/Security personnel (including any new employees) on one solution than on several solutions.
  • If you simply have one solution to look at, patch, and upgrade, it will be much simpler to find and address issues with your data security analytics.
  • If you just have to work with one data security provider, it will save you a lot of time and headache throughout the sales process of obtaining solutions, as well as continuous support and maintenance.
  • In general, buying a single data security platform will be far less expensive than buying several fragmented security solutions. Less suppliers to manage in terms of maintenance means less impact on OpEX budgets, and buying a single product rather than several point solutions means less impact on CapEx budgets.
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The advantages of a data security platform from a data security standpoint are entirely related to how much insight they can provide you with regarding where your sensitive data is and if it is secure.

  • Your most sensitive data may be located and its sensitivities explained by DSPs. This implies that you will be able to quickly prepare a report for folders and files containing this data when you attend your next PCI security audit, for example, and are asked to demonstrate how you are protecting credit card information.
  • To maintain a policy of least privilege, DSPs may track permission changes and inform you which people have access to your sensitive data. Knowing which users are “privileged” allows you to keep a close check on them and make sure your data is not in danger.
  • You can see how your users are using your data by using DSPs. Users modifying your data or the permissions around it may disclose more data than necessary or even cause a data breach.

Data Security Platform – Some Reputation Options For Your Conference

Data Security Platform - Some Reputation Options For Your Conference 
Data Security Platform – Some Reputation Options For Your Conference

Baffle – Data security platform

Baffle offers an enterprise-level translucent data security mesh that uses a “no-code” methodology to safeguard data at the location or file level. The system provides tokenization, role-based access control, databases and file AES-256 encryption, and format-preserving encryption (FPE).

Cloud-native services are readily supported as a transparent solution with absolutely little performance or functionality effect. To assist prevent data loss in the cloud, Baffle offers a complete Cloud Data Protection Platform (CDPP). Without modifying application code or requiring embedded SDKs, Baffle’s cloud security solution makes it simple to encrypt, tokenize, and hide your data in the cloud while enabling enormous scalability.

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Cavelo – Data security platform

Through a single pane of glass, Cavelo is a platform that can assist you and your team in managing the sensitive data and digital assets of your business. You can swiftly enhance your data security, data compliance, and data discovery procedures thanks to the Cavelo Platform’s short download time.

You may modify the dashboard and platform’s capabilities to meet your own business needs and regulatory frameworks thanks to the platform’s two main building blocks, service integrations and process automation. Regardless of how many endpoints, cloud apps, or data sources are linked to your network, the Cavelo platform is offered as a properly scaled platform that can meet your needs right now and scale with your business as it expands.

Data Security Platform - Some Reputation Options For Your Conference 
Data Security Platform – Some Reputation Options For Your Conference

Comforte – Data security platform

By lowering the danger of a data breach and assisting enterprises in complying with data privacy regulations. Organizations may be more adaptable while still adhering to compliance requirements, securing their own apps and products, and embracing SaaS, cloud, and cloud-native strategies with the help of sophisticated data privacy, security, and automation technologies.

The platform consists of SecurDPS Discovery & Classification, SecurDPS Business for safeguarding information integrations and monitoring, and SecurDPS Connect, three integrated services that work together to provide a full end-to-end data security strategy. The whole SecurDPS platform may help businesses identify all of their sensitive data assets when utilized in concert.


The data security platform is a comprehensive solution that integrates data security needs across data kinds, data ecosystems, and data storage, starting with data discovery and data categorization. This is particularly important since for many enterprises, data processing and storage will likely take place in public cloud services, such as infrastructure-based, platform-based, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) services. Organizations now need to handle data security much more skillfully due to the complexity this has brought forth. So, a good data security platform is really necessary for your business.

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