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IBM Cloud Pak For Security. You must work smarter as you migrate your business to the cloud. Security information is frequently dispersed across the cloud as well as on exposing gaps, environments, and vulnerabilities. IBM Cloud Pak for Security can assist you in gaining deeper insights, mitigating risks, and expediting a response.

You can also use your existing investments whilst also leaving your data where it is with an open security platform that really can advance your zero trust strategy, allowing your team to become more productive and collaborative. From a unified dashboard powered by AI and automation, protect data, manage users, and contain threats. To avoid integration efforts, link to your existing security infrastructures, such as IBM® and non-IBM off-the-shelf products.

Built on open source as well as open standards for easy integration with existing applications and scalability as you grow. Moving data in order to analyze it adds complexity and costs. Learn about security without having to transfer your data.

IBM Cloud Pak For Security

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a platform that enables you to quickly integrate your existing security techniques as well as generate deeper insights into dangers across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The diagram below depicts a high-level outline of IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

The Cloud Pak for Security platform employs a common operating environment that is infrastructure-independent and can be installed and run anywhere. It includes containerized software that is already integrated with the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, which is assured and certified by thousands of organizations worldwide.

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IBM Cloud Pak For Security can link disparate data sources in order to uncover hidden threats as well as make much better risk-based decisions while the data remains in place. Cloud Pak for Security can easily connect IBM and third-party tools to seek threat indicators across one of these cloud or on-premises locations by leveraging open standards as well as IBM innovations.

Link your workflows with a unified interface to respond to security incidents faster. Use Cloud Pak for Security to facilitate and automate your security response, allowing you to better prioritize the time of your team.

The following applications are included in the IBM Cloud Pak for Security V1.6.0 offering:

Security Data Explorer by IBM

The IBM® Security Data Explorer platform application enables the public sector to conduct a federated search as well as investigation across hybrid but also multi-cloud environments using a single interface as well as workflow. Data Explorer enables users to finish investigations on time while maintaining visibility. The following are some of the most important underlying services and capabilities:

Federated data search to bring security data silos together and offer complete visibility all over security solutions and cloud infrastructures.

A unified interface and workflow are used to investigate threats as well as indicators of compromise in user-selected data sources.

IBM® Security Threat Intelligence Insights Workflows to track, append, and cause safety cases from the native platform system for case management and in-context data improvements from connected assets and risk data sources

Insights from IBM Security Threat Intelligence

IBM® Security Threat Intelligence Insights is a threat intelligence application that provides unique, actionable, and timely threat intelligence. The application performs nearly all of the functions provided by IBM® X-Force® Exchange:

IBM threat intelligence derived from threat activity, malware,  threat groups, and industries
Continuous and automated “am I affected” searches across linked data sources to identify your most applicable threats ahead of time.
Threat scoring that is analytical and adaptive to foremost priority threats for further investigation as well as response

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IBM Case Management for Security

IBM Case Management for Security
IBM Case Management for Security

IBM® Security Case Management for IBM Cloud Pak for Security enables businesses to track, manage, and resolve cybersecurity incidents. With IBM Security Case Management, public and security sector IT teams can work collaboratively across their organization or agency to respond to incidents quickly and successfully. Case Management is a component of the IBM® Security Orchestration and Automation app and is available on IBM Cloud Pak for Security without an additional license.

Security Orchestration and Automation from IBM

IBM® Security Orchestration and Automation requires a license and therefore is accessible as a stand-alone service software or as a fully integrated application in IBM Cloud Pak for Security. The following advantages are provided by IBM Security Orchestration & Automation:

  • Create response plans based on industry best practices and standards.
  • Integrate with security and IT tools more easily, and facilitate responses to events and incidents.
  • Collaborate across a public sector organization or agency to provide various stakeholders with the tools they need to carry out their roles and responsibilities as part of an incident response effort.
  • If you own an Orchestration and Automation license, you can select between the stand-alone edition on a virtual appliance and the Cloud Pak for Security application:

The standalone virtual appliance version includes all of the IBM® Resilient® Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Platform features.

The Cloud Pak for Security application includes the majority, but not all, of the IBM Resilient Security Automation, Orchestration, and Response Platform feature set.

A platform for Security Intelligence QRadar

The IBM® QRadar® Security Intelligence Platform is an on-premises solution that provides intelligent security analytics for visibility, detection, and investigation of a wide range of known and unknown threats. In order to detect indicators of threats, event analytics ingest, normalize,  parse, correlate, and analyze log and event data.

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Event analytics can also detect unusual activity, connect it to related threat activity, and alert security staff to potential threats. To supplement log-based security insights, flow analytics collect, extract, and normalize useful network flow data as well as packet metadata.

QRadar Analytics for User Behavior

QRadar Analytics for User Behavior
QRadar Analytics for User Behavior

QRadar User Behavior Analytics is a detection tool for insider threats in your organization. When combined with the available data in your QRadar system, UBA can assist you in generating new insights about users and user risk.

Security Risk Manager from IBM

IBM® Security Risk Manager for Cloud Pak for Security is an app that automatically collects, correlates, and reframes risk insights across your agency’s or organization’s IT and security ecosystem. These risk insights are proffered in a user-friendly dashboard to help prioritize and address security risks. Risk Manager (Beta) includes the following essential features:

  • Unified perceptions of disparate security risk metrics from numerous vectors, such as data, identity, and infrastructure, assist in risk prioritizing in the public sector.
  • Standard threat scoring framework for coherent and popular risk definition that all stakeholders can understand.
  • Workflow management systems are used to manage risk remediation.
    IBM Security Threat Analyst (Beta)

IBM® Security Threat Investigator analyzes and investigates cases automatically to assist you in making more informed decisions. Threat Investigator can help determine the singularity of exposure, how many processes are at risk, and the level of remediation effort required by displaying potential threats as well as the assets that are impacted. Viewing the historical timeline of dangers within your organization or agency can assist you in better comprehending dwell times and threat stages.

The bottom line

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a platform that enables you to rapidly y integrate your existing security tools as well as generate deeper insights into threats across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The diagram below depicts a high-level summary of IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

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