The Best Data Recovery Companies 2023

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Having a trustworthy best data recovery companies is essential in a world where data is becoming increasingly valuable. There are numerous data recovery programs that work with a variety of devices and adhere to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines to protect your data against corruption.

The greatest best data recovery companies now offered were investigated by Forbes Advisor to assist you in finding the best solution. These services offer a quick, efficient, and secure approach to retrieve your lost data. will provide some of information for you in this post.

What is a Data Recovery Service?

Best data recovery companies
Best data recovery companies

A business that specializes in the recovery of lost, damaged, or corrupted data is known as a hard drive recovery service. Although many best data recovery companies businesses provide remotely accessible recovery tools, their main objective is to physically fix and recover the data from damaged storage media. They might supply:

  • Software for data recovery
  • Recovery carried out in-lab in a cleanroom setting
  • Recovery for servers and RAID

Why Use a Data Recovery Service?

Best data recovery companies
Best data recovery companies

You can require the assistance of a best data recovery companies for a variety of factors. Data can only be recovered using data recovery software from devices that the operating system can still logically access. Hard drive recoveries can be done by a data recovery service on media that have physical damage that cannot be fixed by software. The following are some of the problems that may necessitate using a data recovery service:

  • Human error – As with other types of data loss, human error frequently results in physical harm. A laptop or detachable hard disk might sustain damage and become unusable after being dropped.
  • Hardware failure – Disk drives wear out over time, which could ultimately result in their complete failure.
  • Strange grinding or clicking noises originating from the drive could signal impending failure.
    Hard drives can become unreadable as a result of corrupt firmware updates.
  • Environment-related problems – Hard drives and storage media often do not like a lot of heat or humidity. You may have to utilize a data recovery service to retrieve the data on them if you get them wet, expose them to a lot of heat, or expose them to direct sunlight.
  • Power spikes – A power spike can harm a hard drive’s read/write heads or the onboard circuits of the device.
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The Best Data Recovery Companies

An overview of some top-notch best data recovery companies is provided here. We sincerely hope it aids you in selecting the most suitable hard drive recovery service for your needs.

1. SalvageData

Using cutting-edge proprietary technology and software, SalvageData has been offering high-quality best data recovery companies for over 15 years.

Range of services:

  • All sorts of digital storage devices are capable of data recovery and salvaging.
  • Tape restoration
  • Recovery on-site and RAID
  • Recovery of memory cards


  • Class 5 cleanroom
  • ISO-14644-1 certified quality
  • SOC III certification security
  • GSA government contractor certified


Because of their trust in their ability to recover data, SalvageData started the now-common practice of not charging for unsuccessful recoveries in 2003. The company’s objective is to continuously develop better recovery strategies and equipment.

In order to maintain compliance, they regularly conduct external audits and work to exceed industry requirements for security and media handling procedures. From damaged SSDs, hard drives, and practically any other form of storage device, skilled experts can recover best data recovery companies.

Depending on how much data was retrieved, users may receive it via downloads or new storage devices. If recovery is not possible, the device will be safely destroyed or, if the customer so chooses, returned to them.


The business has over 50 regional receiving and reviewing centers spread across North America, with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

2. Ace Data Recovery

Best data recovery companies
Best data recovery companies

Customers can save best data recovery companies from damaged or corrupted storage media with the help of Ace’s comprehensive range of data recovery services.

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Range of services:

  • RAID arrays, SSD drives, hard drives, tape media, and all other forms of storage devices are all capable of having their best data recovery companies recovered by Ace.
  • Tape duplication services for all forms of equipment, whether it’s modern or outdated.
  • Services for computer forensics aimed at safeguarding digital evidence
  • There are always emergency and on-site recovery services available.


  • Clean rooms that are close to being Class 10 comparable during production are Class 100 (ISO-14644-1 Class 5).
  • Recovery of Microsoft Exchange® and Microsoft SQL® databases is performed by a Microsoft Registered Partner with substantial knowledge.


Ace uses its cutting-edge technical know-how to give its clients superior recovery outcomes. Modern data recovery tools, hardware, and software are developed by a committed research and development team.

Their solution can access restricted system tracks on encrypted hard drives and retrieve best data recovery companies from failing SSDs with corrupted information. The business has been in the data recovery industry for more than 40 years.

To avoid causing more harm to the media, all recovery procedures are carried out internally on image copies created using the patented Direct-Drive Access Reader (DDA ReaderTM) technology.


Ace has recovery labs in Dallas, Houston, and Chicago in addition to its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. throughout 30 service facilities are located all throughout the United States and Canada.

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