Top 10 Data Security Solutions You Need to Know

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Regardless of their size, location, or sector of business, all firms have a crucial resource: data. Businesses now possess more data than ever thanks to the massive amounts that are created, saved, communicated, and received. Organizations are now required to safeguard data from unwanted access as a result of increased regulation governing data. Let’s follow us to find out about data security solutions in this post!

What are data security solutions?

By preventing sensitive data from being stolen, lost, or used improperly, data security solutions assist with regulatory compliance. Typically, solutions address these three crucial aspects of data protection:

What are data security solutions?
What are data security solutions?
  • Replication and archiving are examples of backup and recovery tools that make it easier to restore lost data.
    capabilities for data security, including access control, authentication, and encryption.
  • Features for data privacy, such as policy enforcement and data governance, to guarantee that users can access data for approved purposes in accordance with laws.

While data security and data protection may appear to be synonymous, they are not. Data protection is bigger in scope and more complete in achieving compliance where data security pertains to infrastructure security. Another way to look at it is that data security provides data protection, but data security alone does not give data protection.

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Top 10 Data Security Solutions

Even more difficult to choose the optimal solution(s) is the fact that many solutions include qualities that overlap one another. Here are the top 10 data security solutions to assist with this.

Discovering and Classifying Data

Your repositories (both on-premises and in the cloud) will be searched for documents containing sensitive data by a data classification software, which will then classify the material as it is discovered. In addition to making it simpler to eliminate redundant or duplicate data, classifying data will also aid with access control assignments and improve insight into where data is stored and how it is used. The majority of cutting-edge solutions can be set up to categorize data in accordance with the pertinent compliance rules.


Data Security Solutions
Data Security Solutions

A firewall will protect your network from illegal remote access while also monitoring and analyzing network traffic for suspicious packets. Firewalls, while no longer as critical as they once were, nonetheless serve a crucial part in keeping your data secure.

Systems for Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDPS)

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (ID&PS) solutions search network traffic (packets) for signatures that match known threats from a cyber threat database. If the solution discovers a match or detects any suspicious activity, it will block/quarantine the traffic and notify the administrator, who will investigate the matter.


Malicious inbound emails will be sought out and attempted to be blocked by AV/AP solutions. While an anti-phishing solution looks for messages that seem to be imitating a reliable source, an anti-virus solution scans messages for known malware. Some cutting-edge solutions may also identify and stop questionable outgoing messages, like attachments with confidential information.

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Management of Security Information and Events (SIEM)

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution monitors and analyzes security event logs created by applications, devices, networks, infrastructure, and systems in real-time. SIEM solutions are highly advanced in comparison to other data security solutions; nonetheless, they are not inexpensive, and they are not particularly simple to implement or manage.

Similarly, Security Information and Event Management solutions make a lot of noise. As such, you will require an experienced member of staff to sort through the alerts, discarding any false positives.

Data Loss Avoidance (DLP)

To stop sensitive data from leaving the business network, data loss prevention solutions are used. When a message containing sensitive information is sent to an email address that is not owned by the firm, data loss prevention solutions use business rules to recognize and block suspicious outbound traffic. In that instance, the administrator will receive a notification and look into the occurrence to establish its relevance.

Encryption of data

There are numerous data encryption technologies on the market. Some will prompt you for a password each time you attempt to access data on an encrypted drive or partition. Some will encrypt individual files and folders, while others will provide a designated folder where you can place the encrypted data. To access any files on a given device, some solutions will require a master password.

Protecting and Auditing Data (DCAP)

Similar to SIEM solutions, Data-Centric Audit and Protection solutions are lighter and in general simpler to use. A Data-Centric Audit & Protection system, in contrast to SIEM, focuses on the data itself and monitors user interactions with the data.

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An advanced Data-Centric Audit and Protection system will compile event data from many sources (both on-premises and cloud-based) and present a summary of important occurrences via an easy-to-use console. Real-time alerts can also be sent to your email or mobile device.

Machine learning algorithms are used in most Data-Centric Audit and Protection solutions to detect anomalies, warn on occurrences that fit a pre-defined threshold condition, notify users when their password is about to expire, and more. They also give out-of-the-box data classification tools.

Multi-factor identification (MFA)

Data Security Solutions
Data Security Solutions

Users must give an additional method of verification in order to log in with multi-factor authentication. This might be a hardware dongle, a passcode supplied to your mobile device, or some kind of biometric data, like a fingerprint scan.

Mobile Device Administration (MDM)

Mobile Device Management software, commonly referred to as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), assists businesses in monitoring, managing, and securing the mobile devices, tablets, and laptops that connect to their network. Companies can use Mobile Device Management to apply security standards to all devices that have access to critical data, including choosing which apps can be installed. MDM solutions can also track down missing devices, and some even remotely wipe important data from lost or stolen devices that cannot be recovered.

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, there are other technologies worth investigating, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), which allow users to remotely and securely access their company’s network from a shared or public network, and web vulnerability scanners, which trawl through the pages of an application looking for security vulnerabilities.

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